Attempting to scream above the noise of our ever-connected modern world to get noticed will usually end in vain. Good graphic design breezes through the saloon doors and coolly calls out to the barman for a whiskey, turning every head in the now silent room.

You have reached the website of Ava Rowell – a graphic designer with a love of simplicity. I enjoy working on screen-based and print-based projects alike, with a particular interest in educational design. Although I work over a broad range of media, all my work has simplicity and functionality at its core.

Striking the correct balance between creative flair and pure functionality is a tricky process, but when done well it provides the clearest way of informing your audience. Simplistic design also stands out in the crowd while retaining the look of sophistication which the flashing neon lights of more busy designs tend to lose.

other work

  • Eon Cover
    Space Opera series cover: Eon
  • Rendezvous with Rama Cover
    Space Opera series cover: Rendezvous with Rama
  • Tau Zero Cover
    Space Opera series cover: Tau Zero
  • First and Last Men Cover
    Space Opera series cover: First and Last Men
  • Virtuoso Postcard
    Part of a set of promotional material designed for Virtuoso Digital Marketing.
  • Magnolia Salon
    A clean and sophisticated identity for a new salon.
  • E-Learning Icons
    Navigational icons for an e-learning environment.


Since its first publication in 1887, Esperanto culture has developed a brand image all of its own. Icons and even flags have been designed to promote this nationless language – an identity spearheaded by the idealists who adopted the language and principle put forward by its creator, L.L. Zamenhof. For contemporary supporters of the language, this has been a mixed blessing. While Esperanto is culturally rich, many of the representations of that culture have failed to move with the times.


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